Noble Stein Brewing Company

About Us

Noble Stein Brewing Company is a local brewery opening in Indiana, PA. The brewery is owned and operated by Zack Morrow, Alex Varner, Max Varner, and Ben Harley.

The Founding of Noble Stein Brewing Company

It all started in a garage.

We had each homebrewed before. Then, one day we brought all of our ideas and recipes to Alex’s garage.

We started out using home brew kits in a simple five-gallon kettle, but our excitement and want for more grew rapidly. So, Alex designed a mini brewing system featuring a 20 gallon hot liquor tank, mash/lauter tun, and boil kettle. With a strategically engineered, gravity-fed brewing system, we began experimenting with multiple varieties of hops, malts, yeasts etc. until our beer recipes were perfect.

It was inevitable that the idea of a brewery would cross our minds one day and, when it did, it felt like a noble idea to pursue.

With 20 years of collective brewing experience, we decided to start brewing with the intent of bringing Indiana the beer they deserve.

It’s All in the Name

The name Noble Stein originated with a discussion of the values and ideals that we possess and believe are essential to producing quality products. Noble concisely indicates a strong sense of integrity among our team. The beers that we produce maintain this same trait, with no compromises in the production process.

Noble also reflects a certain level of reverence and appreciation—an exceptional quality, if you will. This level of appreciation continues to flourish in the craft beer community, and we aim to sow additional seeds to support this movement. Coincidentally, Noble also refers to a family of wild European hops, tying beer in nicely with our name.

A beer stein is viewed as a reference to the long-standing tradition of beer consumption as a vital element of culture. Nostalgic items such as steins serve as reminders of the cultural journey that beer has made providing necessary context for the growth of the industry in the future.

The combination of these terms results in a high quality product produced with recognition of tradition alongside a quality-focused anticipation of growth. This is Noble Stein Brewing Company, in a nutshell.

About the Brewers

Zack Morrow

The Numbers Guy

He takes care of the business end such as financial projections and planning, while also designing beer recipes (and tasting them, of course). He helps to fuel the creativity of the group, but he also reels everyone back in from the depths when an idea starts to go wild (ie. too expensive). No one would dare argue with him either, since he’s built like a tank!

In his spare time he enjoys power lifting, golf, the financial markets, a wide variety of ethnic foods and spending time with his family (including his 8 siblings).

Favorite Styles of Beer: IPAs and Belgian Triples

Fun Fact: Zack likes to remove the ladder when his Sims are in the pool.

Alex Varner

The Doer/Brewer

There’s a 50% chance that he crafted the recipe for your favorite Noble Stein beer. He also knows his way around the brew system, which means if something goes wrong with our brew house, he’ll have it back up and running in no time.

He is married to the lovely Elise (you may have tried one or five of her famous cookies at one of the brewfests) and has two young boys that share his love for the outdoors and hard work.

He enjoys spending time with his family, homesteading, playing in the local soccer league, and throwing a few dovetails in the end of a piece of Pennsylvania oak.

When he’s not at the brewery you can find him mountain biking, camping or fishing at one of the near by lakes. He once caught two fish on the same worm. Now that’s talent!

Favorite Styles of Beer: IPAs and Sours

Fun Fact: He still loves to play with Lincoln Logs.

Max Varner

The Tech Guy

Along with making sure our beers are brewed properly and consistently, he is also in charge of the inventory management and any automation processes in place at the brewery to keep things running smoothly.

In addition to making great craft beer, Max likes to spend time snowboarding, hiking, biking, playing disc golf, and kayaking.

Favorite Styles of Beer: Imperial IPAs and Stouts

Fun Fact: Still has his lucky 8 ball slammer from when he was 9.

Ben Harley

The Swiss Army Knife

He specializes in HVAC, can fix just about anything that breaks, and is always helpful and hands on during the beer-brewing process. You’ll be seeing him in the taproom a lot, too, since he has a background in Hospitality Management.

Ben is a local volunteer fire fighter for the Indiana County Fire Association, has a knack for a nine iron on the green, and is member of a bowling league… Actually, he plays just about every sport imaginable.

Favorite Styles of Beer: Stouts and Lagers

Fun Fact: Ben has a collection of five 60’s and early 70’s muscle cars.

Noble Stein Brewing Company

Noble Stein Brewing Company